Monday, October 14, 2013

On the topic of future development

This post will be more or less to help me put my thoughts on paper as how to proceed with future projects.

So far, Irritum has been relatively condensed. It has a local website, a blog (this) completely dedicated to it, and a store specifically made for it. This doesn't allow for very much flexibility with future projects.

What I need to do:
I need to make a developer website. Something local with a main page about me and my games and stuff, and then sub-pages for my games. I'll also make a single store for multiple products, so it will be easier for me to do cross-promotion.

I need to make a dedicated developer blogger. I want to continue having blogs for developing games, but also a general blog for developing in general.

I also need to make a developer youtube and Facebook page (twitter will be easy to modify).


I want to have a localized website with sub-pages for specific games, blogs, and stuff like that. I think it will be easier for people to see my page and see the multiple games I will offer as a developer.

I have about 5 ideas I think may be worth pursuing for my next game. I have a couple I really like, but they may be too ambitious. It will be something I need to look into a bit more. That being said, development will not start until a long time forwards.

That kinda sucks though. It is addicting designing and creating games, but I just can't dedicate that time to development right now.

I think also I may start a Kickstarter for my next project. I will probably just ask for a small sum ($10,000 or so) to get the game done. This will be the minimum amount of money I will need to make the game.

I also might experiment with the idea of stretch goals being additional games being made. Something like $10k for the main game, $20k for a second game, $30k for a third game, etc. It might be an interesting thing to experiment with. Maybe no advantage though, since if the Kickstarter is successful I will just do the same thing for my next game.

Thanks for reading.