Monday, September 30, 2013

Things are slowing down

Sorry for the lack of posts coming in, and for that matter the lack of new videos. School this semester is much more demanding than I expected. I have lots of videos of the game development I want to put up, but they take so long to create. Maybe I'll try to put one up this weekend.

I will also be partaking in a Twitch event this weekend with Clann of Gamers. I will share more info on it as it gets closer to the date.

Other than that, nothing really new. Sales are slow... Trying to get the game on Amazon.. stuff like that.

Please excuse the absence of updates. I'll try to make a new blog post once a week, but no promises unfortunately.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Giveaway Code!

Hi everyone! Download code can be found below!

I finally finished my first game in Unity, Irritum, and to promote the game I am handing out some download codes. It is available for Windows/Mac/Linux DRM free.

About the game:
Irritum is a game revolving around the concepts of depression, and suicide. The player finds themselves in purgatory with no memory of their past life. Two mysterious beings, Cassus and Sollus, guide the player in their journey of discovery, and lead them either to retribution or oblivion. The only thing you know is to keep moving forwards, either collecting your memories in each level or ignoring them completely. Either discover the purpose of Irritum, or escape it.

The gameplay for Irritum is a 3d platformer with a puzzle-like twist. The player must use inter-dimensional planes to reach the end of each level, but they can only have one plane activated at a time. For example, the player can activate red platforms and interact with them as normal, but when blue is activated, the player will float through red platforms as if they did not exist. You also have the ability to create a ghost of themselves that is immune to damage, and reverse gravity at their will to overcome obstacles.

Code Redemption:
For exchange for the game, I would just like to ask your help in promoting the game. Please, if you enjoy the game share it with your friends or coworkers. Share the code below to people you know and help me get the game out there. At least put a comment below and share your experience with the game. I need your help to make it a success!

To redeem the code, go to the game's website here and click "Purchase Direct". You will be asked to enter in some basic information, but at the final order page enter this code:
The game will be made free and available for download. The code is (currently) only available for 50 uses so get it before they're gone!

Where to Follow:
You can always email me at [email][/email] with any questions or comments.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The game seems to be polarizing so far

More reviews come in, and more contradictions between them. It is becoming harder and harder to determine the actual value of the game. 

I think the nature of the game may just be polarizing. I can understand how the story and context of the game can polarize people, but everything from the graphics to the controls, people seem split.

Very confusing. Oh well, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Concerning Criticism, My theories

It seems like every time I find reviews, they seem to come in pairs. In the pair, there is always one good and one bad.

The game seems to be pretty polarizing with how much people enjoy the game. Some people say it is fun, and others find it not fun at all. Some people say the graphics are stylish and unique, and others say distracting and in bad taste. Some praise the controls, and others lament them.

Suffice to say, I have not heard one repeatable criticism or praise for the game. Every criticism I have heard as been unique, and not repeated by others as criticism, and the same goes for the praise for the game.

This makes it incredibly difficult for me to understand how the game is. I know there are some issues that some reviews bring up, and I try to resolve those. But apparently those issues are not issues for other people. I just find a hard time to separate bias from actual constructive criticism or actual praise for the game.

I don't want to turn my head from criticism because it will help me grow as a developer, but it becomes so hard when criticism for my game comes from, in my opinion, things that should not be weighed against my game. I appreciate reviewers for what they are doing, and I hold no hatred or ill-will towards them, but it bothers me when my game gets dinged for not being compatible with third party programs, or is not an open world title like many other 3d platformers.

I just find criticism like those so out of line when trying to review a standalone title. But I can't brush off this criticism because it has to come from somewhere. It has to be something that is wrong with my game somehow, and to improve the game I have to try and fix it.

I just don't get it sometimes. Hopefully more reviews will shed some light on this.

Edit: I can not stress enough how much I am not writing off all the bad reviews. I am simply exposing my internal thoughts about some reviews. I am incredibly thankful for all reviewers to have played my game and given it a chance, and I know their schedules can be crammed full. In my willingness to be open about all aspects of development, I am obligated to share my thoughts on the reviews.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Structure of giveaways / On the topic of reviews

For the giveaways, I will probably end up doing some kind of structure where I release one code than can be redeemed 50+ times. That way people won't have to keep editing the post to claim their codes and remove them as needed.

Hopefully this will make it more streamlined for people to download the game.

I'm also going to try to sync Desura and my Fastspring Service provider so Fastspring will give Desura keys when people download the game. This way, for the giveaway specifically, people will get a Desura key when they redeem the code. This will also help future customers.

In return for the giveaways, I will only ask for help promoting the game. I want to request people to share the game with their friends and talk about the game if they can. I will ask them to please comment how they felt about the game and give some feedback, any at all.

My hopes are that this will help stimulate sales. First weekend sales were lacking (I have never been a firm believer in Day1 = biggest sales) so hopefully this will help promote the game more.

Plans are to give away several hundred copies at least, and based on how well those go, offer more.

On to the next topic, reviews.

So far, the game has had mixed reviews. More positive than negative, but nonetheless mixed. I'm anxious to see more reviews, some more should start coming in soon.

It's very confusing, to read some people's thoughts and watch them play, and they appear to actually "get" the game and enjoy it. While others absolutely hate it and say it sucks. I don't know what is trustworthy and unbiased, but only time will tell.

Irritum now available on Desura!

Irritum released on Desura today! Head on over and check it out!
Desura Digital Distribution
It is available for Windows/Mac/Linux for only $9.99. Please head on over and show your support!

If you have any questions or comments you can always contact me at

Friday, September 6, 2013

Release today! Please go support!

Game is finally out! Please purchase the game at my website(! It is only $10 for Windows/Mac/Linux versions and DRM free.

You can also purchase the game via Desura ( on Monday, the 9th!

Please, if you are interested in the game go get it and try it out, it's only $10!

Also, please tell all of your friends. Share the game with people everywhere, I need your help and support to make this a success!

As always, you can contact me at with any questions!

Thank you everyone for reading, and I hope you enjoy the game! :D

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Release is tomorrow

Release is tomorrow. The game probably won't be immediately available through Desura, so if you want the game ASAP you can purchase it direct from (

I will also be doing giveaways this weekend. I plan to give away several hundred copies of the game. I will share some here, and others will be on Reddit, Unity forums, Facebook, twitter, etc.

I think everything is in order to go. I hope it gets off to a good start. My sales expectations aren't too much, but I would love the game to sell at least 1000 copies. My expectations are much lower, but I would consider it (in my eyes) a phenomenal success if I reach 1000 copies.

My plan is that, over the weekend, giveaways will lead to more sales. I hope my plan works out. Either way, I am excited and nervous to get this thing started.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Closer and closer to launch

Irritum is launching on Friday. I don't know what else to say.

I am working to get the game on Amazon, GameHouse, and Desura, so hopefully that will all be done soon.

I answered some interview questions recently, they should be popping up around the internet soon.

I have some news as far as how much people like the game, but  I won't share it yet. It is positive, but I don't know if I am able to release that info yet or not. So far, it is only one review though, so it may be an outlier. Hopefully others enjoy the game as much as these people did.

I may also post a new video to youtube on Friday, maybe a pair of videos. I know I haven't uploaded one of development in a while, but now with the game almost out I will have time to catch-up.

I really have nothing else to share. I expect I will have lots of news after launch, but only time will tell. I will post a new post on launch day, but otherwise I can't think of anything else to share at this time.

Here we go.
Thanks for reading.