Thursday, September 5, 2013

Release is tomorrow

Release is tomorrow. The game probably won't be immediately available through Desura, so if you want the game ASAP you can purchase it direct from (

I will also be doing giveaways this weekend. I plan to give away several hundred copies of the game. I will share some here, and others will be on Reddit, Unity forums, Facebook, twitter, etc.

I think everything is in order to go. I hope it gets off to a good start. My sales expectations aren't too much, but I would love the game to sell at least 1000 copies. My expectations are much lower, but I would consider it (in my eyes) a phenomenal success if I reach 1000 copies.

My plan is that, over the weekend, giveaways will lead to more sales. I hope my plan works out. Either way, I am excited and nervous to get this thing started.

Thanks for reading.

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