Monday, September 9, 2013

Structure of giveaways / On the topic of reviews

For the giveaways, I will probably end up doing some kind of structure where I release one code than can be redeemed 50+ times. That way people won't have to keep editing the post to claim their codes and remove them as needed.

Hopefully this will make it more streamlined for people to download the game.

I'm also going to try to sync Desura and my Fastspring Service provider so Fastspring will give Desura keys when people download the game. This way, for the giveaway specifically, people will get a Desura key when they redeem the code. This will also help future customers.

In return for the giveaways, I will only ask for help promoting the game. I want to request people to share the game with their friends and talk about the game if they can. I will ask them to please comment how they felt about the game and give some feedback, any at all.

My hopes are that this will help stimulate sales. First weekend sales were lacking (I have never been a firm believer in Day1 = biggest sales) so hopefully this will help promote the game more.

Plans are to give away several hundred copies at least, and based on how well those go, offer more.

On to the next topic, reviews.

So far, the game has had mixed reviews. More positive than negative, but nonetheless mixed. I'm anxious to see more reviews, some more should start coming in soon.

It's very confusing, to read some people's thoughts and watch them play, and they appear to actually "get" the game and enjoy it. While others absolutely hate it and say it sucks. I don't know what is trustworthy and unbiased, but only time will tell.

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