Monday, May 20, 2013

Alpha version is almost complete

Today I worked on polishing the alpha version a little bit. Not too much about aesthetics but I found several game-breaking bugs when playing through all the levels. I believe I fixed all of them though.

I also finished creating the website using iWeb and uploaded a webplayer of the Alpha on to the website. It isn't live yet, but it will be soon.

Lastly, today I added some music/sound effects to the game and created a teaser for the alpha. The sound effects are basic just to add a little ambience to the game. The teaser however features the most amount of music.

Tomorrow I will probably take some screenshots of the game and get a collection of about 20-30+ photos to upload to various websites. After that, I will upload everything to everywhere. Greenlight, GOG, Desura, etc. Tomorrow will be the big day to put the game out there (well, the alpha), and get some buzz going for the game.

BUT before I do that, I need the website to be made live. I'll probably work on that tomorrow as well, and hopefully everything I listed above will be done by tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading.

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