Friday, May 31, 2013

International audience

Today I was able to have the first look at the teasers youtube audience demographics. To my surprise, the most time watched of the video is spent from German users. This is very interesting, and it made me realize that to increase my chances for success, I will have to somewhat cater to an international audience.

At the beginning of the game I will just have a prompt as to what language they prefer the game to run in, and based on that the rest of the games dialogue and text will be translated. But what languages should I support? If I do this, I will have to support many languages. At least English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese. Maybe Mandarin as well for some of the gigantic Chinese market?

The order system I plan to use (Fastspring) automatically translates for users based on their ip-address so that won't be an issue. I wonder how Desura and Steam handle users from other countries. Maybe I will have to flag my game compatible with international users or something.

This is definitely something I should keep in mind, and I may work on it closer to release.

Thanks for reading.

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