Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beta is well on its way

So far, the beta looks like it is going to be about 40 levels in total. I already have 30 of them done. After I finish all the beta levels, I will update all the sound/music in the game. The next, and probably most important part, would be to include the story elements. So far there are no story elements included in the game, but I will stat to work them in after the above steps are finished.

After that, I intend to re-work the menus and buttons for the menus, followed by the options menu. Then I can work on updating the website and creating new trailers and such.

While I wrap up the game, I will try to create a sole-proprietership so I can actually sell the game, and contact Fastspring and set up a way to sell the game, in addition to launching the game on Steam's Greenlight as an actual game, rather than a concept.

Then, after everything is set up, I will give the game to the press and hopefully start a whole new ad campaign.

I hope to finish all of this by the end of June, and I think that is reasonably possible.

Thanks for reading.

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