Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Making a business

Sorry for the long drought of updates. I have been working hard on polishing the game. All the beta levels are done, a lot of bugs have been resolved, and a lot of new aesthetics have been added.

My next steps are to make a business and submit all the required documentation in order to sell the game. This week, while I wait for all of this stuff to go through, I will probably re-create the player model, and include the story for the game.

I have the script for the game done, however I still need to record it. The story and the official business being created are the only two things I am waiting for before I contact my list of press people and give them a free copy of the game. I want to wait for the business to be done by that time because I want people to be able to preorder AND get instant beta access at the same time.

Thanks for reading.

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