Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Being Open

One other thing I think whoever reads this should know, is that I am going to be open about everything I do. I want to be open about programming, design, art, and even sales.

I know when I was (and still am) preparing for this project, I could only find a few resources for actual sales numbers and design decisions. I want to be as open as possible with all of this.

Why? Because if I was an indie developer, or deciding whether I wanted to be an Indie Developer or not, this is the information I would want to know. The information that is hard for me to find on the internet is the information I want to show everyone. I want would-be designers to find this blog and my youtube and see exactly how many hours I put into the game, what hurdles I met, how I overcame them, how I marketed my game, and how my game sold.

In my best hopes, this will inspire future Indie Developers to get in to this market and start making some great games.

If I can't make great games, maybe I can inspire someone who can.

Thanks for reading.

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