Friday, April 19, 2013

First Day of Development plan

On the first real day of development, I plan to do several things. The first, is to upload videos I need to.

I have three listed right now, one for my old youtube game development channel letting them know the game on that channel, "Symbiosis" is cancelled, and they could follow me to my new channel. Hopefully most of my subscribers will choose to come with me to my new channel and support me there too.

The second video I have planned is an introduction video to my new youtube channel. I will explain my game a little bit, let people know where else they can follow me, and basic things like that. It will probably be similar to my first post on here.

The last video will be a video that is a timelapse of me creating the textures for the game. I will dub over the video and talk about the textures, what kind of aesthetic I am going for and stuff like that.

After the videos, I will start a forum thread on Unity about my development, and I will probably try and create one on Reddit also, however after reading some of Reddit's rules this may be impossible. I will have to do more research.

Later in development, I will go on to more design forums and start more threads.

After catching up with what I have now, I plan to start implementing the major mechanic algorithms to my game. I expect this coding will take about a week to implement, debug, and polish.

Thanks for reading.

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