Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Beginning

So today I decided to create this blog for an Indie Game I am about to develop. I will start in early May, and I am going to try my best to finish by early August. Art is minimal, and programming should be relatively straight forward, so I have faith in that goal.

Let me tell you more about my game before I continue on to other things. The game will be a 3d platformed (Ughh I know) however I have plans to exclude frustrating elements from the game (like a shitty camera system).The main theme of the game is that you need to leap from platform to platform while avoiding obstacles, which is pretty straightforward. However, the player has the ability to change which platforms they are able to stand on. All platforms are a specific color, ranging from red, blue, and yellow to green, orange and purple. The player can only collide with one of these colors at a time.

For example: If the player is standing on a red platform and wishes to jump to a blue platform in front of them, they must jump off of the red platform, activate the blue element in mid-air, and then successfully land on the blue platform. I have many ideas on how to expand this mechanic, but most will not be shared here, but instead on my youtube channel, which I will link in a later post.

I have a lengthy document I have been putting together for this game for over half a year now, so I have many features and ideas planned. Hopefully I will be able to get most, if not all, of them in the game.

Now about me; I am a college student at the age of 21 who is halfway through school obtaining a computer science degree. I have so far been able to afford school by paying out of pocket, but my resources have diminished. This has left my summer open from school, which is why I have chosen to develop this game during the summer. I have C# and Java experience, and have attempted making many games before (one of which is on my youtube channel), but the simplicity of this game should make it easier to finish before I get burnt out.

At this moment, the biggest danger of failure I can see is the lack of knowledge about my game. If no one knows about my game, no one will be able to buy it, and more importantly, be able to play it. For this reason, I have decided that further along in development, I will be giving out many free game codes for beta testers and lets-players to help build knowledge about my game.

That is it for now, I plan to write in this blog at least once a day (while developing) as well as upload a video to youtube about my progress at least once a day. Please stay tuned for more :)

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