Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today I decided to get a head start on my game, specifically textures. I was waiting for assignments to be posted, so in my free time I went ahead and created the textures. I am not entirely pleased with the green and purple textures, so they will most likely be placeholders for now.

I also recorded me making the textures, so I will upload it all in to one video and probably dub over it and introduce people to my game. The only textures I didn't do were textures for activated-movement platforms, the player model, and other small, miscellaneous objects.

I am pleased that most of the texture work is already done, and when I find some free time again I will try and finish the rest of the textures. This would leave me to have the three months dedicated to a little modeling, animations and coding, and hopefully I will be able to dedicate most of my time to the actual level design and implementation.

My hopes would be that before the summer starts, I can have all the modeling, textures and animation done. This gives me about 3 weeks(during finals) to finish these. It will be tight, but it will afford me much more time to polish my game.

Stay tuned to my youtube channel, I may upload the first videos soon.

Edit: Ended up doing a model and some more textures today. Now the big thing in the way is the player model and animations. I also need to develop some kind of model or algorithm to make lasers have some kind of parabola or exponential curve to them, but this may be possible to do with modeling rather than some kind of physics coding.

Thanks for reading.

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