Friday, April 19, 2013

Textures, Part 2: With pictures!

In this thread I have contained pictures of the textures I created yesterday.

As I have said before, my game revolves around the player being able to switch between several planes of existence at a time. These planes are signified by different colors, and objects that exist in these planes have these colored textures.

With the blue design, I wanted the texture to look relatively like water refractions, which I believe I achieved. The black in this photo (and the others) will be transparent in game. 

Green: I am not very satisfied with this texture, and I will most likely work on it more at a later date. But for now, It will do nicely as a placeholder. I was going for some kind of Ancient Chinese design, but I don't think I captured it very well. I may end up ditching that idea and incorporate some other kind of lines. If something comes to mind, I will let you guys know.

Orange: This is the orange texture. Initially, I had an idea where the orange texture was stitched, but I felt that this was kind of lazy on my part. I ended up throwing this together off the top of my head, and I am actually very pleased with it.

Purple: Another color I am not entirely pleased with. My initial ideas was just a simple galaxy twist, but this looks like a lazy attempt at a Tim Burton-esque cat tail. Will most likely end up being changed at the same time as the green.

Red: The first color I designed, I was aiming for a texture that was kind of wispy, but still very hazy. I think this feels nicely, and it helped me establish the wispy ether lines that I would later incorporate into my orange and yellow textures.

White: This color was the first I designed, and it's only purpose is to distinguish between a the planes you need to have active, while white is always active ( because white contains all colors). I am pretty pleased with this design, and I may just touch it up later around the edges.

Yellow: This is another texture I am happy with. I was aiming for a kind of texture that is wispy but still very elegant. I think I captured that with this texture.

All of these textures are subject to change, as I do not know how any of these "feel" in-game yet. Gameplay may cut out one design from the others, but only time will tell. If the textures need to be re-designed, I will do it before I take the actual promotional screenshots and videos, in addition to the demo.

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