Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am brainstorming ways customers can preorder my game, if at all.

Without preorder, the game will be released on whatever date it is, and people can purchase and download immediately, as normal.

But if people preorder the game, I need to add some kind of incentive. Maybe I will charge the game for $5 less than retail price. Maybe I will need to add some kind of extra content for people that preorder. Possibly they can receive the game a week early or something. 

One issue I need to solve is how to actually do the preorder. Maybe, with Fastspring, the customer will just be able to purchase like normal but receive a code after they pay for it. Then on release day, or whenever the pre-release is or whatever, they can enter the code in to Fastspring and then be able to download the game. 

That will probably be the best course of action. Have the customer pay for a coupon code and then redeem it whenever they want.

The preorder bonuses will probably just be $5 less than the retail price (either $10 or $15 depending on what I want to sell the game at), and early access to the game.

Thanks for reading.

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