Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iWeb for a website

I was looking up easy to use website creation tools that I could use. I already downloaded kompozer but it seems to have deleted itself. I don't want to have to re-download it again, but I found an alternative.

I found a program called iWeb on my computer that seems to be a free resource from Apple to design a website. It isn't too advanced, but it seems good enough that I will be able to use it for the simple design I am going for. The only issue I haven't looked in to too much is how to add other html code in to the webpage. I expect this will be absolutely essential in order to get Fastspring working.

I will look more into it tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: After some more research, it seems I can add HTML code. I also played around with adding in links and stuff, and so far iWeb appears to be perfect.

The design I am going for is similar to Braid's. I will probably have a background image of the game, with the games title at the top. This will stay in place for the length of the webpage. On the right side I will have links to youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. On the left side I will have an RSS feed for my blog. The trailer will be right in the center of the webpage, followed directly beneath by the Fastspring purchase link or window or whatever. Below that I will provide links for other portals to purchase.

Following all of this, I will have the pitch for the game. A list of screenshots with descriptions of the game next to them.

This simple design should save lots of time, and make it easy to purchase.

Thanks for reading.

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